Despre noi

Despre noi

Cu o experienta de peste 15 ani in domeniul auto !

Compania noastra are o experienta vasta atat in lucrul cu persoanele fizice cat si cu flotele de autoturisme ale unor prestigioase companii din domenii diferite de activitate. Experienta si calitatea lucrarilor noastre a tat la baza pastrarii si imbunatatirii portofoliului existent de-a lungul timpului. Diversitatea lucrarilor pe care le putem realiza face din serviceul nostru un partener de rum lung si corectitudinea fata de clientii nostrii si-a spus cuvantul.

Fa cunostinta cu noi.

Tratam clientii la fel cum am dori noi sa fim tratati

Co-Owner & Founder Since 1977
ASE Certified Master Technician, Lincoln Technical Institute 1992, Jason with his 25 years of automotive experience joined our team in June 2015
Co-Owner & Founder Since 1977
ASE Master Truck Technician Growing up in a 1974 Graduate of Central High School focusing in industrial arts.

They are members of the Better Business Bureau, Cobb County Chamber, South Cobb Business Association, South Cobb Arts Alliance, and Douglas County Chamber, Wheels to Prosper. Adam and Michelle made sure to surround themselves with employees that would share the same vision, values, dedication and professionalism that they offer to their clients. That’s why they hand-picked their crew to assure you that you and your vehicle are in the best of care. All of the employees here at Car Repair Service are very honest, hard working, most dedicated people you will ever meet.

Our Team

Meet Our Specialists from Car Repair Service

Our team specializes in many different types of vehicles, and since they work on a wider variety of vehicles than their dealer counterparts, their overall expertise is greater, too. By working on many makes and models, our technicians can be trusted to properly diagnose challenging repairs and other issues. As automotive technology advances, our team is continually updating their education & skills.

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We specialise in repairing accident damage to vehicles. In fact, we’re the second largest accident damage repair network.

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